Oluwabusayo Oni is a 2nd-year honors student studying biomedical engineering as a major at the University of Florida.  In the future, she plans on pursuing an MD-PhD.  At UF, Oluwabusayo is a member of Dr. Chelsey S. Simmons’ Mechanobiology lab studying fibroblast of Acomys Spiny Mice in regard to regenerative medicine, and is a member of the surgical team in UF’s Dream Team Engineering modeling laparoscopic kidney transplants for UF surgical residents.  She is eager to work in Professor Seung-Kyun Kang’s Bio-Interfaced Electronics Laboratory at Seoul National University and strongly believes in their mission to bring a new age of personalized, customized, and high-quality biomedical care to patients outside of hospital settings.  In her spare time, Oluwabusayo enjoys spending time with friends and family, advocating for human rights and racial justice through community organizing, crafting, going on adventures, and watching YouTube videos.  

Elizabeth Churinov is a 4th-year undergraduate student at the University of Florida in the Department of Computer Engineering. She has experience leading and working on teams to design and develop both hardware and software systems; she is looking forward to the opportunity to put her knowledge and skills to practical use in researching computer architecture and parallel processing in Professor Hyuk-Jae Lee’s laboratory. Elizabeth was nominated for the Gator Engineering Student Recognition Award in leadership and is currently pursuing an Engineering Leadership Certification at the University of Florida. When she is not working, Elizabeth likes to draw, compete in hacking competitions, tutor others, and build computer systems.

Kervin Coss Flores is 2nd-year nuclear engineering major on the premed and project management tracks. After graduating from UF, he intends on obtain an MD and work in a research setting as a physician. On his free time, he enjoys road trips, random DIY projects, and spending time with friends.

Matt Ryan is a 3rd-year student at the University of Florida. He postponed his studies for one full year after spending two years studying Aerospace Engineering. During his time away from school, he worked at a grocery store, but he is now interested in returning to school to study physics and neuroscience. He has previously worked in the UF Physics Department as an undergraduate researcher. During that time, he used computer modeling software to design a low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope. Outside of the classroom, Matt enjoys staying active through his love for the game of basketball. He also loves trying new food, which he is eager to do during his time in Korea. He will be working in Dr. Hong’s Materials Imaging and Integration Laboratory at KAIST.

Nathaniel Ball is a 3rd-year undergraduate student at the University of Florida, majoring in Aerospace Engineering and minoring in Philosophy. He currently performs magnetics research at the UF Interdisciplinary Microsystems Group. There, he develops electro-permanent magnets and pulse magnetizer circuitry for microrobotics applications. Fascinated by the recent achievements of private companies in space exploration, he plans to use his knowledge and skills in the revitalized aerospace industry after graduating from UF. In his free time, he enjoys adventuring with friends, reading, hiking, gaming, and watching rocket launches at any time of day.

Ryoma Molnar is a 4th-year undergraduate student enrolled at the University of Florida, where he is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. At UF, he has designed and fabricated low-cost magnetic load cells under the Gary J. Miller Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory to aid in the development of animal models for osteoarthritis. However, he wishes to enter the discipline of controls and robotics, leading him to study under Dr. Seong-Woo Kim and the Autonomous Robot Intelligence Laboratory. Ryoma spends his free time drawing and making (and promptly eating) elaborate dishes, from sourdough crust pizza to hainanese chicken rice.