Shayla  has been working on her  design methodology for a T-coil Inductor that the group needs. Since there are no specification for the T-coil Shayla is using Visual Basic to program HFSS to build the coil once the group has specifications. Shayla is excited to be able to create a program the group could continue to use well into the future.  She is debugging the code so that she will be able to demonstrate its use and capabilities in the final presentation next Monday.

Yakusuni Temple Entrance

Rather than spend the weekend in Korea, Shayla ventured to Tokyo, Japan. As a true Otaku, the first places Shayla visited were Ikebukuro and Akihabara.  Manga wasn’t the only thing that caught Shayla’s eye, she enjoyed time in an Owl Café and the Aquarium in Sunshine City. Then She visited various temples and museums across the Tokyo area, her favorite was the Yasukuni Shrine. She also learned a lot about Japan history in the museums from a different perspective and dated earlier than she learned in school.