Shayla has spent the last two weeks preparing for her midterm presentation to her group. She was collecting data to quantify the difference between her simulation methods and the simulation methods of her lab mate’s previous work. With that presentation and work complete Shayla will be continuing work in HFSS simulating inductors. This time she will create a design methodology for a T-coil Inductor that the group needs designed. Shayla is excited to be able to design her first CMOS device. Last Monday Shayla and her closest lab mates were invited to lunch by Professor Jeong. They enjoyed lunch in the Faculty Club of Seoul National University, and the sky was so clear they could see across Seoul to the mountains on the other side!

The cohort had the opportunity to visit Hyundai Robis and Samsung Innovation Museum. The group had the unique opportunity to see a crash test at Hundai Robis evaluating the airbag performance. The Samsung tour gave a great overview of the technology revolution.

Shayla explored Hapjeong, Itaewon, Hongdae  and Yeouido Hangang Park. The skyline of the city near the river reminded Shayla of the Scioto River in Columbus, OH.